Game Physics (2nd Edition)

by David H. Eberly

General Information. The book is 944 pages long. It includes a CD-ROM with the Wild Magic 5.0 source code. The patch Wild Magic 5.1 (updated files only) is freely downloadable from this site; see our home page for the link. The C++ source code has many examples and applications for physics simulations. The binding between the Wild Magic data structures and the physics source code is minimal, thus making it easy to modify the source code for your own needs. The table of contents gives a brief idea of what topics are covered in the book. For an additional 16 pages of clarification for the rough friction examples, see Rough Plane Analysis.

Answers to the Exercises. Here are the answers to the odd-numbered exercises. The answers to the even-numbered exercises are available to instructors. Contact us by email for a copy. Recognizing that not everyone purchasing the book is a student, the answers to the even-numbered exercises are provided on request, but please give some assurance that you are not taking a class based on this book.

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