Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics

by Philip J. Schneider and David H. Eberly, The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling

General Information. The book is 1056 pages long. It does not include a CD-ROM, but many of the algorithms are implemented in the source code distribution at this website. The table of contents gives an idea of the topics covered in the book.

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Reviewers. Tomas Akenine-Möller (Chalmers University of Technology); Ian Ashdown (byHeart Consultants Limited); David M. Eberle (Walt Disney Feature Animation); Eric Haines (Autodesk, Inc.); George Innis (Magic Software, Inc.); Parveen Kaler (Simon Fraser University); Peter Lipson (Toys for Bob, Inc.); John Stone (University of Illinois); Dan Sunday (Johns Hopkins University); and Dennis Wenzel (True Matrix Software). Thanks for the outstanding contributions!

Special Thanks. To Eric Haines for writing a spectacular foreword to the book. To Peter Lipson and Dennis Wenzel for reviewing the entire book in all its gruesome detail.