Robust and Error-Free Geometric Computing

by David H. Eberly

General Information. The book is 387 pages long. It does not include a CD-ROM, but many of the algorithms are implemented in the Geometric Tools Library (GTL) source code distribution that will be posted when the book is available in print. The table of contents an idea of the topics covered in the book.

From the back cover of the book. This is a how-to book for solving geometric problems robustly or error free in actual practice. The contents and accompanying source code are based on the feature requests and feedback received from industry professionals and academics who want both the descriptions and source code for implementations of geometric algorithms. The book provides a framework for geometric computing using several arithmetic systems and describes how to select the appropriate system for the problem at hand.

Key Features:

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Reviewers of the Book Proposal. Alan McIntyre (Code Reclaimers), Dennis Wenzel (True Matrix) and Dinesh Manocha (Professor, University of Maryland).