Geometric Tools Engine 6.4. The mathematics code is in a header-only library (GTMathematics). A mathematics library with GPU-based implementations is provided (GTMathematicsGPU). The CPU-based common graphics engine code is in its own library (GTGraphics). DirectX 11 wrappers are provided for graphics (GTGraphicsDX11) and applications (GTApplicationsDX11). OpenGL 4.5 wrappers are provided for graphics (GTGraphicsGL45) and applications (GTApplicationsGL45).

Released on June 8, 2022
Microsoft Windows 10 or 11; DirectX 11.1 or OpenGL 4.5; Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and 2022; Intel C++ Compiler 2022; C++ Clang tools for Windows 12.0.0
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS; OpenGL 4.5, NVIDIA graphics drivers; Visual Studio Code 1.49.2; CMake 3.15.2; gcc 9.3.0
Fedora 36; OpenGL 4.5, NVIDIA graphics drivers; Visual Studio Code 1.49.2; CMake 3.22.2; gcc 12.1.1

The compilation on Fedora 36 with gcc 12.1.1 generates warnings about potentially uninitialized _M_manager in std_function.h. I believe this is a bug in that header. To work around it, I modified std_function.h by adding to the beginning of the file
        #pragma GCC diagnostic error "-Wmaybe-uninitialized"
        #pragma GCC diagnostic push
        #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wmaybe-uninitialized"
and by adding to the end of the file
        #pragma GCC diagnostic pop
        #pragma GCC diagnostic pop
Alternatively, you can ignore the warnings. If you have an environment with treat-warnings-as-errors (-Werror) defined globally, you can disable this.

The source code distribution is available as a download from this site but is also available at Geometric Tools on GitHub.

GTEngine 6.4 License Agreement (Boost)
GTEngine 6.4 Installation and Release Notes (PDF)
GTEngine 6.4 Distribution (ZIP)
GTEngine 6 Update History (PDF)
GTEngine Updates Since Version 1 (PDF)
Zip File hash codes (MD5, SHA256)

Known problems with the code, including issues arising from drivers, compilers and other non-Geometric-Tools code. Development notes are also available. Send email for issues you encounter or if you want something added to the development notes.
Technical Support Queue (PDF), last modified 04 March 2022
Known Problems (PDF), last modified 12 November 2021
Development Notes (PDF), last modified 25 October 2020

For folks who have purchased my books that rely on Wild Magic, if you do not have access to the source code, contact me by email and I will make the final release of the source code temporarily available at the website. I no longer maintain the code--it uses DX9 and OpenGL 1.5 plus extensions for shaders, both APIs too old to be useful. That said, I have ported nearly all the Wild Magic 5 sample applications and source code. Geometric Tools Engine 6.3 (and later) effectively has all the Wild Magic code in one form or another.